SOLVER is a an automatic loading carriage with titling table.
Its main feature is a frame equipped with 18 or 21 suction cups that have been placed optimizing the surface coverage of the slabs to load.
The suction cups frame is also equipped with its own hydraulic or pneumatic movement able to roto- translate the slab towards the roller table. This movement, called “leaf”, has been designed to allow the slab to be detached from the next one and can be excluded by operator terminal.
This carriage is supplied with touch screen control panel to set up all parameters. An ultra sonic sensor is detecting the carriage positioning. The carriage is moved by means gearmotor, inverter controlled, for a precise and delicate loading of slabs.
The automatic operation of the carriage runs by means of sensors: they check the position of the machine, the presence or absence of slab and the connection with the roller conveyor.
All these operations are stood over by means of last generation PLC system.
SOLVER carriage is available with increased payload of 1,500 kg or 2,500 kg.
It is also available the model equipped with rotating suction cups frame to operate lines where the slab supports are placed onto their own axe.


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Max payload1000 kg1500 kg2500 kg
Unitary suction cups max payloadØ200 63 kg22 kg15 kg
Suction cups number212132
Suction cups covering259x143 cm259x143 cm260x165 cm
Max slab dimensions220x380 cm220x380 cm220x380 cm
Max thicknessLimited by weightLimited by weightLimited by weight
Total electric power7kW7kW9,25 kW
Vacuum pump capacity63 m3/h63 m3/h100 m3/h
Weight1800 kg1900 kg2100 kg