Smart Lines are characterized by the fact that the drying and catalysis stores are assembled in the same machine.
The capacity of the store can change according with the production capacity needed.
Starting from a store capacity of 30 slabs, with the line Smart 30, for a maximun production of 10 slabs hour, it’s possibile to join a store capacity of 60 slabs, with the line Smart 60, for a maximun production of 20 slabs/hours.
The Smart Line can be equipped with automatic machine for loading and unloading.


  • Complete drying and correct oven curing process
    Thanks to the perfect air propagation system, together with the subdivision of the oven in two separate rooms
  • Low consumption with constant working quality
    Thanks to the optimal heat insulation realized with first quality materials
  • Working capacity: from 10 slabs/hour to 20 slabs/hour
    Thanks to the versions: SMART 30, SMART 40, SMART 45, SMART 60
  • Material directly loaded onto tray and the possibility of “book match” process
  • Reduced occupied space


Smart 40 line with match 54 CS loader/unloader
Max Production (one face treatment)nr/h15 slabs/h
Drying store capacitynr15
Hardening store capacitynr25
Time of permanence in drying storeMin.60’
Time of permanence in hardening storeMin.100’
Max slab dimensions *mm3300x2200x40
Max slab Weightkg1200 kg
Open bookYes200
Total electric power installed * kW67
Medium hourly consumptionkWh/h43 kW 20,64 mc/h
18.09 kg/h
Total power installed *Metano Propano
electric power
21,5 kWh/h
4,3 m3/h3.5 kg/h
Medium hourly consumptionMetano Propano
electric power
Material allowedAny
*On demand max dimensions slabs: 3.800 x 2.200 x 40 mm
*On demand gas heating system or electric heating system