MATCH is a loading – unloading robot designed to handle stone slabs (marble, granite, or stone material). It can realize the “book match” process, reassembling them as they where before loading, without using rotating roller conveyor.
By using this robot on resin lines it is possible the direct loading of the slabs onto the trays. This option is extremely important in case of fragile or fractured material.
MATCH can be supplied with GRAB system which allows, in cooperation with suction cups, safe loading of travertine slabs and fragile materials.


MATCH for loading operation, (such as for all automatic Prometec loading machines), is equipped with a detaching device avoiding to load two or more “stuck” slabs. More over this machine uses, during the loading operation, a weighing system which reduces the risk for loading more than one slab at a time.
All the movements of MATCH are controlled by means of inverter and by encoder, therefore all movements are extremely smooth and exact. MATCH is a machine easy to set up for any kind of requirements by means of a wide colors touch screen.



  • MATCH 1200: standard model capable to serve most of processing line with needed speed and safety
  • MATCH 54: version with increased number of suction cups designed for fragile and delicate materials typical in resin lines
  • MATCH 80: version with maximum number of suction cups and twin vacuum pump for special materials and applications
  • MATCH 2500: version with maximum payload for high thickness slabs


Prometec is anyway able to design and develop customized version accordingly with client requirements.

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Max payload1200 kg1200 kg1200 kg2500 kg
Unitary suction cups max payload37,5 kg22 kg15 kg62,5 kg
Suction cups number32548040
Suction cups covering2720x1400 mm2670x1510 mm2780x1760 mm2720x1500 mm
Max slab dimensions3600x2200 mm3600x2200 mm3600x2200 mm3600x2200 mm
Max thicknessLimited by weightLimited by weightLimited by weightLimited by weight
Total electric power10,75 kW12,25 kW17,75 kW14,75 kW
Vacuum pump capacity100 m3/h200 m3/h2x200 m3/h200 m3/h
Weight2.600 kg2.750 kg2.850 kg2.750 kg