Leonardo represents an innovative resin plant to dry and oven cure the stone slabs and strips (marble and granite), offering the best solution to the companies interested in low consumption, low space occupied and high quality working.
Leonardo allows to realize the same treatment process and working conditions of the bigger resin lines but with a reduced level of investment.
The storehouse has been designed in two different versions of 21 and 30 slabs storage capacity that allow a max production capacity of 7 and 10 slabs per hour respectively.
A tilting cart allows the loading of slabs directly onto the trays. The tray with slab is inserted in the drying oven by means of an elevator.
Once the slab has been dried the lifter extracts and transfers it on a special mobile working bench, reachable on his four sides by the operator.
On this bench the dried slab is “buttered” with resin and then transferred to the oven-curing store.
When the curing time is passed the slab on trays is extracted by the elevator and sent to the cart which provide the downloading.


  • Complete drying and correct oven curing process
    Thanks to the perfect air propagation system, together with the subdivision of the oven in two separate rooms
  • Low consumption with constant working quality
    Thanks to the optimal heat insulation realized with first quality materials
  • Working capacity : between 7 and 10 slabs per hour
    Thanks to 21 and 30 platforms oven model
  • Material directly loaded onto tray, minimizing the risk of accidental slab breaking
    Thanks to the tilting cart to load slabs onto trays
  • Easy approaching for the operator who has to treat the slab
    Thanks to the special motorized resin bench
  • All the benefits of bigger traditional resin lines in 10 meters long only


Overal dimensions ( lenght x width x height )Leonardo
21 platform
30 platform
Max Production (one face treatment)nr/h7 slabs/ h10 slabs/ h
Drying store capacitynr710
Hardening store capacitynr1420
Time of permanence in drying storeMin.60’60’
Time of permanence in hardening storeMin.120’120’
Max slab dimensions *mm3550x2200x403550x2200x40
Total electric power installed *mm84130
Medium hourly consumptionKW2132
Material allowedKWh/hAnyAny
*On demand max dimensions slabs: 3.800 x 2.200 x 40 mm
*On demand gas heating system