The only existing system which can actually replace workmanship in resin treatment and optimize the use of resin, reducing the consumption per square meter from 20 to 35%.

The system is a combination of a high resolution 3D vision system and a last generation anthropomorphic robot. The result is a robotic unit able to carry out all the variables that characterise the resin application process, that to date is essentially on an artisan scale, with the reliability that only an automated industrial process can guarantee.


The GALILEO processing system is divided into two separate phases:

  1. THE SCANNING PHASE during which a 3D model of the slab is made. This makes it possible to detect with extreme accuracy the thickness at every point, the perimeter of the slab and the presence of hollow spots classi ed according to suitable criteria in order to then retouch them where necessary.
  2. THE STAGE OF APPLICATION OF THE RESIN AND SUCCESSIVE RITOUCH WORK IF NECESSARY is done by an anthropomorphic robot by an anthropomorphic robot that receives all the trajectories for applying the resin and the location/characteristics of the fractures to be restored from the scanning machine.

The resining unit is complete with:

  • A push-pull suction cabin to eliminate vapours outside the application areas.
  • A built-in device for automatic net application.

Today’s GALILEO is a machine that, in spite of its intrinsic complexity, has achieved great reliability, ease of use and high quality of application thanks to the continuous development of the end-effector coordinated with a reader capable of providing very precise slab profile information.


It is also able to rapidly adapt itself to the most different needs of the work type, the required production per hour, material characteristics, epoxy blends and the type of reinforcement net.



    able to process a slab per minute
    capable to manage complex tasks with high accuracy, such as the application of reinforcement nets characterized by high absorption of the mixture
    the optimum solution for pigmentation, by means of a suitable dosing system, of marble or granite slabs
    specially designed for automatic and controlled application of dense and viscous mixture like mastic

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  • Accuracy and repeatability of the work
  • Predictability and repeatability of the quantity of mixture per square metre worked
  • Replacement of the human operator for the resining and retouching cycle
  • Drastic reduction in the resining and retouching cycle time
  • Saving in the two-component mixture (approximately 30% less)
  • Lower cleaning and maintenance costs because no spray
  • Even application with consequent advantages during the polishing phase
  • Drastic reduction in the man-machine interaction: fewer harmful substances for man, less probability of accidents,greater production efficiency
  • Significant reduction of resin vapours in the workplace