• 2 drilling units
  • 1 milling machine for the pocket

The machine is made up of a solid base in metalwork fabrication upon which two traverse chrome-plated bars are mounted. Two carts for slabs handling travel along the bars: each cart features two rows of idle wheels.
Cart motion adapts to the different sizes of the slabs thanks to a cross-head nut operated by means of a small manual wheel. The supports of the carts move along self-lubricating bushes.
The slab is hold in position by two steel guides along each of the two rows of idle wheels.
The two drilling units are placed alongside each cart. They are pneumatically operated by a hydraulic brake and are used to make holes on the slab edge.


  • Slab max width 120 cm
  • Slab min width 20 cm

Penetration speed can be adjusted as follows:

  • to slowly penetrate into the slab until the diamond pointisguided(about3 ÷4mm);
  • to penetrate, at a higher speed, into the remaining 90% of the hole in order to complete it as fast as possible.
    Once the hole has been completed, the return speed is always high.


Hole depth is varied by adjusting a magnetic sensor.
Hole positions are obtained by placing two retraction mechanical locks on one of the two carts. A milling machine is placed above one of the two drilling units in order to create the pocket. The milling machine is pneumatically operated by means of a brake and its speed can be adjusted to:

  • quickly reach the slab
  • perform final cutting.
    Return speed is always at the maximum value.


The stroke corresponding to the two speeds can be adjusted by using microswitches. Cutting is aligned with the hole.
Once the slab is positioned, pocket drilling and cutting are automatic. The operator must press the corresponding button to start cutting. Either spindle can be excluded from drilling.



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Specifications of the drilling units
Characteristics Holed axis for point cooling/pneumatic operating with hydraulic brake
Max stroke80 mm
Stroke adjustmentMechanical with backing devices; electric with magnetic sensors
SpeedSlow fwd (1) Fast fwd (2) Fast rtn (3)
Speed adjustment (cont.)Hydraulic brake for 1 and 2
Rotation speed 5600 rpm
Electric motor power0.75 kW


Specifications of the milling machine for the pocket
CharacteristicPneumatic operating with adjusting device
Disc max diameter200 mm
Stroke adjustmentMechanical with backing devices; electric with magnetic sensors
SpeedAdjusting device for speeds 1, 2, 3
Speed adjustment (cont.)Regolatore per vel.1 - 2 - 3
Rotation speed2800 rpm
Electric motor power2.2 kW
Pocket positionAlong vertical axis of the hole