Our Solutions innovate the-state-of-the-art in the stone industry.
We have chosen, once again, to take the challenge because we are persuaded that we can and we must steer the new production parameters in a sustainable direction.


We have decided to play a leading role in this challenge, with applications that include and balance performance and environmental impact reduction.
All of this with conscious care to people and the whole habitat.

Ready for Transition 4.0.

our world.
We want to make the difference, always.

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The factory of the future

Prometec confirms itself as a leading company in the automation systems supply and the integration of machines from different suppliers, with the aim of producing coordinated lines that are highly productive and reliable, while respecting the necessary flexibility and ductility.





PROMETEC with GUINET DERRIAZ builds the plant with the highest level of automation in the world

The solution was designed, implemented and started up in the first half of this year, through full integration between company ERP and processing lines, with production orders being executed in fully automatic mode. The operator is left with the responsibility of controlling or changing the previously established priorities.


GUINET DERRIAZ , an historical French brand in the stone sector, which recently embarked on a path of strong technological innovation and PROMETEC have jointly studied and created a solution that allows the execution of production orders in a fully automatic mode, through complete integration between the processing lines and the company ERP which automatically manages, without the aid of the operator, the transfer from one to the other, leaving the operator solely responsible for checking or modifying the priorities previously established.


The cycle starts from a material selection line where a MATCH-type loading robot picks up the slabs directly from the block-carrying trolley, loads them on a line where a scanner determines their size and thickness and an operator determines the color quality before the robot takes them again to deposit them on storage supports that are homogeneous in terms of quality and thickness of the material stored there.


Once each of the supports above described is complete, the automatic control of the line requires the intervention of the automated system for the storage and management of the raw slabs, which picks up the support and deposits it in a warehouse to be taken again at the right time and brought to an area where an ICARUS model aerial robot picks up the individual slabs and deposits them on the supports for subsequent processing.


The support thus constituted will be moved by an automatic handling system made with two magnetic guided shuttles, in all subsequent processing phases (production lines). In detail:

Resin line with static ovens 40 and 60 positions and automatic netting/resining system with clamps and GALILEO anthropomorphic robot for automatic resin distribution.

Grinding/polishing line with two ARTEMISIA model machines with 10 and 18 polishing heads respectively and possibility of intermediate loading/downloading.

Two lines for special surface processing for which PROMETEC has created the loading and unloading automations with the particularity that given the low production speeds of the two lines, the load can serve the two machines at the same time.

Double cutting line with multiple spindles for which PROMETEC has created the automatic loading and handling system with automatic creation, printing and labelling of an identification bar code for all pieces (brands) that will be cut later, and the unloading system with two anthropomorphic robots that pick up the pieces after cutting and move them automatically to the subsequent processing lines.

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