We have been skilled operator about handling and improvement of stone material since 1981.
Prometec continues and improves the same goals still started under Protec, leader company in stone processing machinery.
Prometec pleases every Customer’s wishes because of its great innovation and creativity, therefore Prometec is one of the best worldwide society about designing, manufacturing and handling in stone eld, particularly: resin lines, loading and downloading system, further automatic stone hardening systems with different level of automation.
Continue technological innovation together with exibility to solve our Customer’s problems represent our way of work to win, therefore Prometec is one of the top companies for the automation of production of stone plants lines.
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PROMETEC s.r.l. designs and manufactures every machine, adapting, if necessary, it to the Customer’s demands.
All mechanical, electronics and software development is made inside the Company thanks to our decennial know how to get both a complete technological control of the productive processing and a total exibility for guaranteeing a continuous innovation of products.
Because of innovative and original solutions, designed to satisfy customer needs, and high quality equipments, Prometec offers both economically and technically competitive products all over the world.



Famous for the high technical skilled personnel unit with a great supply, this service offers a qualified and efficiently post – selling assistance, also because we use the most innovative technologies.
Experience, flexibility, innovation, technology and availability to a global market always harder to please.