PRODUCTION CAPACITY: from 30 to 70 slabs/h

Drying and catalysis storehouses are separated. Each slabs, inside a cyclic store, laid onto special trays, moves cyclically without any lift receiving the same thermal treatment. Each store consists of two columns with trays, the first column uplifts the trays while the second one moves down them.


Each store has got two separated thermal units producing and flowing hot air from opposite sides inside the columns. Cyclic stores offer the better thermal treatment since every slab moves along the same run inside the store. Even if this line has not big dimensions its capacity results very high. Also this resin plant can be straight line shaped, L shaped or U shaped. Production can vary from 40 to 70 slabs per hour.
Cyclic storehouses equipped with capacity of 40, 60 ,80 and 100 trays for stone slabs are available. These kind of stores have got half dimensions about length compared to the static stores with the same production capacity.

Cyclic line 40/60 40/80 60/80 60/100 80/100

The cyclic store is characterized by the fact that all of the slabs being processed, placed […]