Almost all marble, granite blocks & similar stone material are extracted from quarries, but often many blocks shows heavy structural defects therefore can not be worked or used; this entails a big waste material that could be potentially usable.
Working defective stone blocks to transform it into slabs always represents important safety problems. This operation can be dangerous because by managing defective block it can crumble damaging men and machinery all around.
The increasing environment sensitivity from excavation companies, institutes and people demands a more and more efficient system in using not-renewable natural goods such as stone products.
Therefore, it’s getting more and more important to increase the extraction cycle general efficiency making useful also the blocks whose usage isn’t economically valid according to the current techniques.


PROMETEC was able to solve this problem by extending its experience about hardening operations for slabs and applying it to reinforce the stone blocks too. Reinforcing mode changes according to stone material, kind of defect and customer’s request.


Offered systems:

These systems are designed according to the Customer’s production for solving any problem of defective stone blocks.
Know – how transfer and personal training are included in the offer guaranteeing constant and firm results.
Our system has the following peculiar features unlike anything else traditional process achieving the same aim:

  • Possibility to work block with any dimension and form
  • Planned resin quantity and reinforcing material



By utilizing vacuum system and an innovative retaining device the consumption of resin is really lower if it is compared to the traditional system:

  • Certain e constant results for all stone material
  • Device proportioned to the required production and the available places
  • No loss of slabs during cutting


  1. 1 – Structurally sound block
  2. 2- Slabs sawn from a finished and structurally sound block
  3. 3 – Close up of resin on slab


  1. 1 – Structurally sound block
  2. 2 – Slabs sawn from a finished and structurally sound block
  3. 3 – Close up of resin on slab

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This treatment creates a strong reinforcement around the cut slab (the thickness of reinforcing varies according […]