These lines are designed in order to fill and cover the superficial defects on stone slabs and tiles.
Dimensions and powers are established accordingly with the design speed of the line and with the kind of product to be applied. The lines can be supplied for the treatment with polyester resins and mastics, mono and bi-components UV resins.
The treatment process basically consists of three phases:

  • Slab drying
  • Product coating
  • Product hardening

Slab drying

The drying of slabs is obtained by tunnel ventilated ovens which features varies according with the working speed. These ovens provides thermal energy to the slabs through both radiation and convection.
The radiating elements can be realized with gas-heated pipes or ceramic plates.
Ventilation is carefully studied in order to obtain the maximum drying efficiency and uniformity.
Product coating

The coating can be realized manually with adequate tools or automatically with a spreading machines.
The operation is realized with the slab moving on special blind conveyors.
Product hardening

Accordingly with the kind of product applied following ovens are available:

  • Infrared ovens equipped with bulb lamps or ceramic plates
  • UV modules with mercury and/or gallium lamps


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